FASTMath SciDAC Institute
Research Team

The FASTMath team brings together preeminent scientists in a broad range of applied mathematics areas. The FASTMath team has a proven track record of developing new mathematical technologies and algorithms, tackling difficult algorithmic and implementation issues as computer architectures undergo a fundamental shift, and engaging multiple application domains to enable new scientific discovery. 

More than 50 mathematicians from five national laboratories and five universities comprise our team.

University of Colorado Boulder

We are focused on supporting highly-integrated, in situ, exascale parallel adaptive PDE simulations. In situ in this context means closing the loop on problem definition, problem solution, visualization, and anisotropic adaptivity  all within a single, on-going exascale simulation. While our team's primary application area is single and multiphase turbulent flow, techniques are being developed for general application to all PDEs.


Ken Jansen

Ann and H.J. Smead Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences, 429 UCB University of Colorado at Boulder Boulder, CO, 80309-0429


University of Southern California

USC's focus is on the development of adapted stochastic representations that take advantage of intrinsic structure of the physical model. Specifically we will develop polynomial chaos expansions that are adapted, within a low-dimensional space, to specific quantities of interest. We will also develop stochastic models that are concentrated on diffusion manifolds associated with various quantities of interest. Algorithms and software for constructing these representations, sampling from them, and integrating them into application codes and workflows will be developed.


Roger Ghanem

KAP 254C, Kaprielian Hall, 3620 South Vermont Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90089, USC Mail Code 2531