FASTMath SciDAC Institute
Software Catalog

Much of our knowledge and experience is embodied in the FASTMath software tools, many of which are Department of Energy (DOE) landmark packages that are widely available and used by DOE and other application scientists. A strength of the FASTMath project is its ability to build a more integrated, high-performing software base for applications, while sharing software development best practices internally and across DOE. To fully realize this potential, we must bring together software products with varying degrees of interoperability, maturity, robustness, and user support. We have already started efforts to this effect in the SciDAC-3 FASTMath and QUEST Institutes. We will continue these efforts in SciDAC-4 to improve quality, reduce barriers to adoption, and facilitate integration of the many FASTMath software products. 

A list of FASTMath software tools is provided here, along with links for further information and for downloading the software packages.

Tools for Problem Discretization

Unstructured grid finite element code with optimization
Algorithms for implicitly defined geometry, level set methods, and Voronoi implicit interface methods
Block-structured AMR framework for mesh and particle data in regular and complex geometries
Fields library for unstructured mesh solution information
AMR framework, complex geometries
Parallel size field based anisotropic mesh adaptation
Scalable C++ library for high-order finite element discretizations
Mesh partitioning, mesh partition improvement
Adaptive unstructured grid computational fluid dynamics
Parallel graph partitioning tools for shared-memory (PuLP) and distributed-memory (XtraPuLP) partitioning of large sparse graphs
Parallel unstructured mesh infrastructure
Time integrators, nonlinear solvers for algebraic systems
Dynamic load balancing, partitioning, task placement, data ordering, coloring

Tools for Uncertainty Quantification

Flexible, extensible interface between simulation codes and various iterative systems analysis methods
Libraries and tools for the quantification of uncertainty in numerical model predictions

Tools for Solution of Algebraic Systems

Compute eigenpairs or perform spectral analysis of large sparse or structured matrices
High-performance preconditioners and solvers for large sparse linear systems
Library for node-level, performance-portable, computational kernels for sparse/dense linear algebra and graph operations
Algebraic multigrid methods
Hybrid direct/iterative solver
Numerical solution of partial differential equations
Solver library that has implementations of domain decomposition algorithms and node-level direct solvers
Software library that provides linear algebra routines for sparse matrices and for dense rank-structured matrices
Time integrators, nonlinear solvers for algebraic systems
Direct solution of large sparse nonsymmetric systems
Direct solution of sparse symmetric positive definite systems of linear equations
Computational science libraries

Numerical Optimization

Managing ensemble-like collections of computations
Surrogate model toolbox for box-constrained global optimization.
Toolkit for solving mixed-integer nonlinear optimization problems
Bound-constrained derivative-free optimization solver


C++ package for large-scale optimization


Toolkit for Advanced Optimization