SuperLU supports the direct solution of sparse nonsymmetric systems of linear equations. The routines perform an LU decomposition with numerical pivoting and triangular system solves through forward and back substitution. Capabilities include matrix column reordering, system equilibration, condition number estimation, relative backward error calculation, iterative refinement, and error bound estimation.

Usage and applications: SuperLU has more than 25,000 downloads per year and is included in several commercial mathematical libraries, including Cray’s LibSci, FEMLAB, HP’s MathLib, IMSL, NAG, OptimaNumerics, and Python (SciPy). It has been used by several Department of Energy application codes over the years, including NIMROD and M3D-C1 (FES), and is used in the current BES SciDAC application partnership projects.


Sherry Li

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, One Cyclotron Road, Mail Stop 50F, Berkeley, CA 94720